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A place in the Sun

Those who build usually also want a place that is a little closer to the sun. We at Ahrntaler have a variety of possible balcony variants. Whether HPL, aluminum, wood, glass balconies or a combination of different materials, with us every balcony is an individual place of relaxation. It blends in perfectly with the existing facade or creates an attractive contrast through deliberate stylistic inconsistencies. The sun protection elements, which adapt perfectly to the balcony cladding through different materials and colors, give every balcony the finishing touch. More inspiration in our brochure - online or conveniently to download.

Balcony cladding made of HPL

Resistant to wind and weather

If individuality is not enough, then balconies made of HPL panels are ideal. Due to the almost unlimited variety of colors, décor and thicknesses of the HPL panels and the possibility of cutting them to any shape, there are no limits to the design ideas. But the internal properties of HPL are also convincing. They consist of 70% cellulose and 30% synthetic resins, which makes them ideal for outdoor use. Thanks to their UV resistance and resistance to temperature fluctuations and moisture, they defy almost all environmental influences. These properties are rounded off by easy cleaning and the need for maintenance and repair measures.

Aluminum balconies

The highlight among the panels

Aluminum: durable, light, colourfast and lightfast, maintenance-free, weather-resistant, easy to care for. Perfect properties for building balconies. Aluminum balconies are modern and timeless and impress with their uncomplicated handling. They can become a special eye-catcher in the facade design, but if necessary, they can also be discreet. Due to the low weight of aluminum and its high resistance, aluminum is one of the most frequently used materials in balcony construction. Not least because of the possibility of individually designing the aluminum balcony from a rustic wood look to various RAL tones.

Glass balconies

Crystal clear and always surprising

Sometimes the special is just transparent. A glass balcony can become an impressive design object in the facade design. Stylish and noble, the most varied of glass balcony variants become a surprising highlight. But so that this surprise doesn't turn out to be bad, we only work with laminated safety glass. Puncture-resistant and splinter-free, it retains a residual load-bearing capacity even if it is destroyed. This guarantees protection and security. The edges of the glass plates are ground and polished, which in addition to design aspects offers additional protection. The finest design combined with the highest security features.

Individual balcony cladding

Unique balcony cladding

Diverse alone, limitlessly diverse in combination. Wood combined with steel, stainless steel in combination with glass, wood in combination with HPL panels, HPL combined with aluminum ... there are no limits to the design options. By combining different materials, balconies are once again beyond their usefulness into another design object in facade design. Thanks to combination solutions, it is also possible to manufacture balcony parts that are exposed to different degrees of wind and weather from different materials and thus to specifically address practical aspects in addition to the design aspects. Cleverly mixed.

HPL Balkone

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Alu Balkone

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Glas Balkone

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